With Katie Pedersen in Seattle


Today, I got to meet and sew with Katie Pedersen, whose two gorgeous quilts are featured in the book and who has been SO good to me through this process!, AND so many of the Seattle guild members came to say hi to me and to sew with Katie. It was really super nice of people to trek out in the down-pouring rain. Thanks to you all – Kristen, Carrie, Becca, Sue, Martha, Michelle, and my old friend Meaghan Quinlan!!, to name just a few – for coming by.

We were at this beautiful shop:



It was so much fun to sew in the cozy space of Drygood Designs. There’s a front room full of gorgeous fabric (I discovered a penchant for Naomi Ito’s designs in double gauze – oh so soft and pretty). Keli was an incredible host and even had sweet cake and mimosas – heavenly!

And I got to start a new project with some inspiration from Katie. I’m making some basic log cabins from
strips against a white flannel background. Mmmmm yum.

Here are some more shop shots and Katie’s Seattle Star, also in the book.




And here’s one parting shot of a gorgeous quilt that Sandie Holtman shared at the end of the visit. I’m in awe of this one, too.


Thank you, Katie, Keli, and Seattle quilters who were there today! I had such a blast with you all. Xoxox

2 thoughts on “With Katie Pedersen in Seattle

  1. I have just retired and am itching to use up my stash. Modern quilting blogs inspire me and I have connected with almost all of them thru Sew Mama Sew. Can’t wait to get the new book.

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