Seattle, Denver, Boston, and much big fun

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It has been a whirlwind two weeks! The photo above is from the most recent event we did at Porter Square Books this weekend. That’s my favorite Boston bookstore, and the place where I often camped out, running my hands over the beautiful pictures in quilting and sewing books, dreaming of future projects, and eventually, my own book. 

The quilts you see in the first image above are, at the top (blurry, in motion!), Maritza Soto‘s Modern Drunkard’s Path, for which she has a pattern here. And lying flat are Valerie Maser-Flanagan‘s quilts from the series Crevices and Small Parts.

Also on the panel were Jan Johnson, Andrew Mowbray, and Danielle Krcmar (more about Jan and Danielle below). You can see Andrew’s work written up in this month’s issue of Art in America — congrats, Andrew!

It’s so fun to get together with these artists and talk about their work. I’ve learned a lot from each of them about their process, style, and materials, and am in awe of what they make. The audience at Porter Square Books was full of quilters, who were great to chat with and talk quilting. I hope to see some of you again at our Boston Modern Quilt Guild meetings (check out the February show and tell on the Boston MQG blog — they are all so talented)!



From left to right: Maritza, Danielle, me, Valerie, Jan, and her awesome daughter Sophia. Afterwards, we celebrated at the delicious and gluten-free-friendly Posto in Davis Sqaure! Yummmm…


Over dinner, Danielle and Jan made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt — really REALLY hurt. I love being in my hometown with some of my favorite people.

Backtracking to Denver and the Rocky Mountains!: I was there Mar. 4-6 to sign books at Fancy Tiger, an amazingly well-stocked fabric and yarn and making shop. Wow, it’s beautiful.


I spent some time with the knitter/crafter group and learned about the making of a very long Dr. Who scarf, Amber’s cat-adorned cardigan, and a gorgeous laced knitted shawl.


Do you see the knitted deer head back there? I love that thing.

Amber, one of the owners, just published her first quilting pattern of this Four Winds quilt. She was putting on the final touches when I was there, and now it’s all ready to purchase. Isn’t it pretty? And it would be a quick one to whip up because of the giant triangles (which you could complicate with more piecing or strips, if you were so inclined). Go check it out on the Fancy Tiger blog.

(image is Fancy Tiger’s)

These are some of the great people I met at the shop, three quilters from the Denver area, who had me laughing and wishing I could hang out and sew with them:


You can see Samantha’s (left) blog here — scroll to her rad skull quilt posted Mar 6! You’ll also see that they’re doing the Tula Pink City Sampler, and have me tempted to jump in. I love those blocks, which they’re holding above (Sam is holding a sock ‘cuz she didn’t have her blocks with her🙂 ).

And finally, I got to speak at the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association‘s Spring Meeting, which was a great huge honor. My very good friend, Laura Ayrey, is the Executive Director of the Association, and gave me the chance to speak alongside some fantastic novelists, including Laura McBride, in whose debut novel I’m totally engrossed now:


Fellow Storey author, Patrick Dawson, who has written about vintage beer. I can’t drink it, but it sure sounds tasty:


The event was held at BookBar, which is such a cool venue — a bookstore with literary titles only, and, yes, a wine bar that also serves tasty snacks. It’s such a beautiful space. The owner, Nicole, treated me and Laura Ayrey to a really delicious Sauvignon Blanc, and I got to eat GLUTEN-FREE CROSTINI! (All caps, because, it is so rare to find so many delicious gluten-free options on the east coast. I just love Seattle & Denver’s multitude of gluten-free food, and this place was so yummy and inviting). Nicole made the checkout counter out of stacks of books (see image below), and the bar is papered with pages from books, so you can read snippets while you sip your wine. Even the menu has a literary theme. I would live here if I lived in Denver.

This is Laura Ayrey, doing her magic at BookBar:


Go support your local bookstore!

Since I went to Denver from Seattle, where I got to sew with Katie Pedersen and the Seattle guild-ers, and where I attended the massive AWP conference, I bought lots of books and fabric on this journey. I’m on spring break this week. Let the good times roll!

Hope this week finds you enjoying as much reading and sewing as I have ahead of me….Ahhh…

4 thoughts on “Seattle, Denver, Boston, and much big fun

  1. This is awesome, Rachel! You’re having so much fun. Give me a call when you have a moment! I know/understand you’re busy. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and super excited for you (although envious ha ha!).

    xoxox joan

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