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This weekend, we had a panel-talk at JP Knit n Stitch.

rachels posse This time, it was me, Pippa Armbrester, and Alice Webb Greer. Alice took the photos in this thread — thank you, Alice!! If you head over to her blog today, you’ll find some more beautiful images of her hand-quilted hexies, which many people at the gathering wanted to steal, and some really nice words about the book. You rock, Alice. Have I mentioned how much she’s taught me about quilting? She also once opened up the tupperware bins in her sewing studio, gestured to the gorgeous stack of repros, and said, “Choose some.” Heart soared.

It was so SO good to see Pippa, who’s been occupied with preparing for her twins to come. She brought this quilt with her, one of my very favorites:

galleries I don’t know if you can tell from this image, but the circles are all quilted with threads to match! That’s so much work, changing thread each time! Each one is hand-appliqued to the pieced quilt, and the back is a soft red flannel, ultimate cozy. You can learn Pippa’s mad applique skills from a tutorial in my book and you can learn lots and lots more from her very own book, Solids, Stripes, Circles and Squares: 16 Modern Patchwork Patterns! It came out last year and is just beautiful. I love her singular vision and design eye. You can also buy some of her quilts from galleries in Boston or on commission. I’m lucky to have a hand-appliqued and embroidered piece that she made for me in a guild swap a few years back.

In the image above, Pippa is to my left, Alice to my right. And on the far left is my so-great primary care doc, Dr. Susan Hata, and on the far right is my friend Laura Everett, who’s a reverend. I wanted the doctor and the reverend in the picture together (I’ve never had a photo op like that before). It was so nice of them to take the time to come to JP on their day off (well, for the rev, day of work).

Look what Dr. Hata made for her son Eli — a sweet fussy-cut applique quilt with hand-stitched squares:

photo 1    photo 2    I love the storytime characters and the orange-blue-green hues together against the linen. And, she made this great sort of hook that she attaches to the stroller so Eli can’t lose it when they’re out and about: photo 1  Smart. I bet this is why she’s a doctor, thinking of things like this.🙂 Thank you for coming, Dr. Hata!!!

I also met a woman who told me about her first quilt, which was a bear claw pattern. Can you imagine, for your first quilt, the bear claw? If you don’t know what it is, check out this one on the Quilt Index (an amazing resource for quilts and historic knowledge, pattern inspiration from images, etc).

Judy Tucker came, and told me about her fantastic blog, where she recommends my book, as well as Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg & Cheryl Arkison (who helped inspire Rossie’s quilt pattern that’s in my book), and Katie Blakesley, Lee Heinrich, and Faith Jones’ Vintage Quilt Revival (they’re in my book, too). I love both those books and feel honored to be in good company with them. Thank you for the review, Judy! I love seeing some of your quilts. Head on over to her blog to see her latest, a sweet blog featuring Lizzy House’s cats:

photo 2 Laura and Carolyn pore over the book…(this isn’t posed AT ALL)…

JP Knits Store Shop owner Genevieve to the right, in orange.

JP Knits Gang Genevieve, Pippa, me, Alice, hamming it up…

…and one last shot that Alice took. She’s such a pro. To the left are her mini-quilts, half-square triangles and those coveted hand-sewn hexies, to the top is Pippa’s circles quilt, and to the right is the back of my quilt-in-progress, backed with Anna Maria Horner‘s voile. That woman is a design GENIUS, by the by. I love every single fabric she’s ever made. In fact, the very first modern fabrics I found were her first line. Mem’ries🙂

Quilts With Book

Finally, I have to give a shout out to my cousin, Sarah Tetrault, who came to say hi. It was such a good surprise to see her! She’s a really talented painter. See?! This is from her website, which you should visit asap. Buy all of her paintings.


This is a drawing of her sweet dog (I’m a sucker for a cute dog…or an ugly dog, really):

This is from her blog, Cafe + Dish. On Sunday, when Sarah was hanging out w us, David was walking the dog in the gorgeous JP Arboretum. Also, apparently (I learned from the blog), she can cook. Why didn’t I learn this sooner? I’d have been at their house for dinner every night. AND, as if that wasn’t talent enough, she’s giving students voice through art work as a teacher. Look! They’re making incredible work.

The very best part about the book is spending more time with family and friends in my travels. Thanks for coming, Sarah.

I just finished my first Juki-ed project, this baby quilt, which I was trying to keep under wraps, but I forgot and posted it to FB. I started it when I went to Seattle and sewed with Katie Pedersen, who gave me the idea based on a design in her and Jacquie Gering‘s book, Quilting Modern. I added some strips and stripes here and there, and I’m going to bind it in some of the solids.

photo 4 Did I mention that the baby-recipient of this quilt is 8 mos old now? My gift-giving timing has never changed…but it’s the thought that counts, right?






4 thoughts on “and then some

  1. Rachel, I really enjoyed the panel talk on Sunday. Loved seeing all the quilts the 3 of you brought. Great photos of the events on your blog! I’ve already made a little wall hanging with the triangle tabs to hold a dowel. It was so much easier than sewing on a whole sleeve.
    Thanks for checking out my blog! Glad you like it. And thanks for including the link in your post. Nice!

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